Welcome to this Website, which is free to help people who living outside the mainland of the P.R.C to break through geographical restrictions and access Internet resources that are only open to Chinese IP addresses.

What I Do

This is a non-profit project initiated by individuals. Its purpose is to help some people living outside the P.R.C have more convenient access to Internet resources in China.

We take the protection of personal information security evey seriously, your visit is anonymous. We promise that we will not collect/record any date, including your access logs.


What you need to know

Before you use this project, please be sure to read the following rules. Once you start using this project, you are defaulted to agree to all the rules of this website.

Note! Due to limited resources, this website only provides IP v6 configuration for people living the mainland of the P.R.C, and Provide IP v4/IP v6 configuration for people living outside the mainland of the P.R.C.

1. This site is for learning and communication purposes only, and should not be used for illegal purposes. Please follow the laws of your country and region.

2. During the use of this project, there may be situations where the server responds slowly or unstably. this website does not assume any responsibility for any issues during using.



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